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Helping People Cope with Bean Dip

A Place for Dip-related Support

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Coping with Bean Dip

This community was formed by Lucretia Baine. It is a place for all who struggle with bean dip to share their pain.

Know that with help and support, hatred, fear, and obsession of bean dip can be overcome. We encourage our members to assist and comfort each other when necessary.

1. Respect must be shown. It is not appropriate to ridicule those with bean dip issues.
2. All pictures of bean dip must be behind a cut. They may be traumatic to certain members.
3. Bean dip recipes are never acceptable. Members could become upset, angry, or mentally unstable.

We have a few banners so that you all may promote this community, and everyone is welcome to create more.

Angst in Food Form

Happy Recovery!